Wikipedia article of the day for October 6, 2017

The Wikipedia article of the day for October 6, 2017 is Joehana.
Akhmad Bassah (flourished 1923–1930), known by his pen name Joehana, was an author of the Dutch East Indies who wrote stories, articles, and several novels in Sundanese. He worked for a time on the railroad before becoming an author by 1923. His strong interest in social welfare is evident in his novels. He has been classified as a realist owing to his use of the names of actual locations and products in his works, as well as the predominantly vernacular Sundanese in his novels, but influences from traditional theatrical forms such as wayang and literature such as pantun are also evident. Joehana’s works cover a wide range of themes, especially social criticism and modernization. Although his writings were adapted to the stage and film, they received little academic attention until the 1960s, and critical consensus since then has been negative. Two of his works have been republished since the 1960s, and stage productions of his novel Rasiah nu Goreng Patut continued into the 1980s.

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